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About Elvis Kashesha

  • Education/Schooling Certificate
  • Gender Male
  • Age 50
  • ID Number 63-828239v25
  • Passport No and Expiry Date DN707634/10-11-23
  • Nationality Zimbabwean
  • Alternative Contact Number +250792037645

About me

I am a well seasoned EDD Handler and trainer with 17 years of experience in the field. I did my EDD Handlers’ course at Mine dog school in Pretoria, South Africa. I proceeded to do my PEDD Handlers’ course at Hill Country Dog Centre in Texas, USA. I am also a holder of a diploma in dog training and behavior from Academy of Dog Training and behavior (ADTB).My name appears on the Approved Instructors’ List on ADTB web site.  I am a holder of a Basic Veterinary First Aid certificate.


  • 1979 - 1989
    Farai Primary School


    I completed my primary school education at the above mentioned school.and obtained the required points for me to qualify for the secondary education.

  • 1985 - 2022
    Seke High School


    I completed my secondary school education at the above mentioned school and passed my secondary education.


  • 2019 - 2022
    Janus Global Operations

    Edd Handler\trainer

    I worked for Janus Global Operations in Afghanistan as an Edd Handler and trainer. My duties included searching vehicles, baggage,buildings, open areas, aircrafts and warehouses with assigned Explosive Detection Dog. I would also conduct edd training with the local handlers and assist them with completing their training records. i would also send the daily situation report to the KM every morning.

  • 2011 - 2018

    PEDD Handler

    I worked for AMK9 in Afghanistan as a PEDD handler and Site lead handler in various FOBs. My duties included searching Vehicles, baggages, warehouses, open areas and FOBs perimeters. As a site lead handler, my duties included conducting PEDD training of fellow handlers and their assigned canine and helping them completing their training records. I was also responsible for sending Daily Situation Report to the AMK9 Head Quarters.



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