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About me

A professional and experienced Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Consultant with over 10 years combined military and civilian experience. An
ex-British Royal Marine who is adept at working in all environments with
worldwide experience in military and civilian clearance operations.
An excellent communicator who can interact well with people at all levels,
excellent written and verbal communication skills including instruction and
presentations to large audiences with the ability to explain complex subjects
to non-expert audiences.


  • 2021 - 2026
  • 2020 - 2020
    Mat Kosovo

    EOD L3

    HMA and the Development of Mine Action Humanitarian Mine Action Standards (IMAS, TNMA, NMAS, SOPs) Info management system for mine action and geographic info systems Land service Ammunition Recognition Explosive theory Air delivered weapons and fusing Guided weapons and fusing Intro. to IED and booby-trap clearance EOD task management Demolition disposal Techniques Stockpile destruction and disposal up to 50kg Central Disposal site selection and management Non technical and technical survey Quality management systems within humanitarian mine action Battle area clearance surface and subsurface clearance Protective works

  • 2019 - 2019
    Frontier Risks Group

    Security and Risk Management Consultancy Certificate,

    Security consultancy Country and regional risk assessment Threat and vulnerability assessments Risk analysis Travel Risk Management Evacuation Planning Crisis and disaster management Info. and cyber security Intelligence sourcing Corporate social responsibility Duty of care and voluntary principles of security and human rights Corporate physical security Business continuity Workplace investigations and crime scene management Finance and budget control Business risk managemant NGO Sector security consultancy

  • 2018 - 2018
  • 2015 - 2015
    Royal Marines Commando Assault Engineer School

    Explosive Demolitions and Assault Engineering Course

    • Explosive Demolition Safety • Duties of a Demolition Firing Party & Cmd • Duties of the Explosive NCO & Safety NCO • Cliff Assault • Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) • Electrical Demolition Accessories • Non-Electrical Demolition Accessories • Safety Fuze / Initiation Sets • Detonating Card Ringmains • RF Hazards & Electrical Circuit Fault Finding • Explosive Digging • Transportation and Storage of Explosives • Hilti Bolt Gun • Shaped and Improvised Charges • Disposal of Mines, UXO, Blinds and Misfires • Current in-Service British Explosives • Demolition Calculations for: • Timber • Concrete • Steel • Borehole Charges • Breaching Charges • Pier Footing Charges • Cratering Charges • Concussion Charges • Bridge Demolition • Demolition Profoma • Battle Noise Simulation Safety • Battle Noise Simulation Techniques • Simple and Maximum Firing Circuits • Preliminary & Reserved Demolitions Engineer Recce • Urban Operations • Target Analysis • Mission Planning • Unit Defensive Positions • Jobs Priority and works Programme • Military Aid to Civilian Community (MACC) • Basic Field Geometry • Military Map Marking • Boning Rods & Gap Profiling • Engineer Report Writing • Instructional Techniques • Defence Writing • Technical Drawing • Construction and maintenance of the Infantry Assault Bridge • Use and maintenance of Hand Tools • Anchorages / SWR • Works Programme and Job Priority • Use and maintenance of the Combat Engineer Tool Kit • Conduct Engineer Reconnaissance • Defence Structures & Trench Construction • Camp Structures • Helicopter Landing Site Construction and Marking • Concrete Theory and Calculation • Water Supply Equipment and Purification • Water Responsibilities and Sources • Water Point Siting and Design • Yield Calculations • Quad Pod Vertical Roller Haulage System • MATT 9 Counter IED Instructor • Person Search • Vehicle Search • House / Compound Search • Route Search • Area Search • Vallon VMH3CS and VMR3 • Minefield Construction • Minefield Reconnaissance • Minefield Reports • Minefield Lanes and Dumps • Minefield Recce Commanders Responsibilities • Minefield Immediate Action Rescue Drill • Minefield Breach • Mine Disposal / Clearance and Pulling • Foreign Mines Threat • Booby-trap Laying & Lifting Procedures • Booby trap Clearance Procedures • Booby-trap Practical Laying/Clearing • Demolition Safety Officer (DSO) • Demolition Range Action Safety Plan • Organisation of a Demolition Range • Conduct of Demolition Live Firing • Explosive Principles and Theory • Explosive Breaching Hazards • Explosive Breaching Charges • Priming Systems • NEQ & MSD Calculations • Charge Report • Breachers Responsibilities • Explosive Method of Entry


  • 2021 - 2022
    The Development Initiative (Somalia)

    Operational Search Mentor/ Acting Project Manager

    In support of UNMAS Somalia: • Implementation of a Counter-IED capacity building programme. • Perform role as Acting Programme Manager as necessary. • Provision of Counter IED Threat Mitigation and Search syllabus to a newly formed police unit. Topics include: 5C operations, vehicle search, person search, building search, grounds sign awareness, vehicle checkpoint operations, use of electronic counter measures, vulnerable areas (VA) and vulnerable points (VP), and the use of detectors (handheld explosive detector and handheld metal detector). • Implementation of sUAS to enhance security and IED Threat Mitigation. • Prepare and maintain operational statistics, mapping and reporting in line with UNMAS requirements. • Operational ‘Live’ Mentoring in high threat locations including pre-mission planning and briefings. • Implementation of a Train the Trainer package.

  • 2021 - 2021
    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (United Arab Emirates)

    Principal Explosive Risk Mitigation Advisor

    • Explosive Hazard Advisor/Quality Controller (QC) for a seismic survey project for a National Oil Company which covered areas that had been used for a variety of live ordnance military training. • Development and delivery of UXO awareness and explosive risk mitigation measures for 900 project staff. • In field search, identification and assessment of high-risk items including air dropped and land-based munitions. • Plotting UXO and distribution of GIS (Geographic Information System) data using Google Earth and QGIS systems. • Preparation of incident management plan to be enacted in the event of a UXO incident. • Preparation and maintenance of EOD Management System to find, identify, log, and circulate high risk finds to all relevant parties. • Liaison with seismic contractor and UAE military forces.

  • 2020 - 2021
    Mine Action & Training - Kosovo (Kosovo)

    EOD Instructor

    • Review and amendment of sUAS standard operating procedures in line with evolving industry standards. Instruction on the following humanitarian demining subjects to IMAS Level 3 standard: • Technical and Non-Technical surveys • Use of • Explosive Ordnance Risk Education • Minefield Marking • Land Release Procedures • Use of Vallon VMH3CS, Ebinger 740M and Minelab F3 detectors • Use and implementation of mechanical assets • Disposal of Land Service Ammunition, both single and multiple items, using various High and Low order techniques. • Disposal of air dropped ammunition using high and low order techniques • Fuze removal methods including de-armer, IGOL, Rocket Wrench, and improvised methods. • Demolition techniques such as charge construction, line mains, ring mains and reserved demolitions for the demolition of single and multiple items. • Instruction on booby-trap and IED search techniques.

  • 2020 - 2020
    Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP)/ China National Petroleum Corporation (United Arab Emirates)

    Explosive Risk Mitigation Advisor/Assessor

    • Employed to conduct an initial risk assessment for 1600sqkm of Military Impact Area for a variety of air and land-based weapon systems. This was to create initial Confirmed and Suspect Hazardous Areas. • Planning and preparation of safe routes to and from multiple Confirmed Hazardous Areas and Suspected Hazardous Areas, principals of land release and the implementation of UXO risk mitigation measures. • Delivery of UXO Awareness and Explosive Threat Mitigation Training to 900 multinational staff. • Liaison with clients and stakeholders providing project updates. • Reviewed and implemented updated UXO SOPs.

  • 2012 - 2020
    Royal Marine Commandos (Worldwide)

    Assault Engineer

    • Provided instruction both theoretically and practically in all relevant areas of Counter Improvised Explosive Device Search including threat mitigation. • Deployments as a Maritime Interdiction and Search Operator as part of a High Readiness VBSS Team. • Instructor experience in Vehicle, Personnel, Building, Area and Route Search and the use of Vallon VMR3 and VMH3CS. • Provision of Land Service Ammunition awareness, recognition, tuition, training, and testing • Management of the Transportation, Handling, and Storage of explosive ammunition alongside the control and issuing of ammunition.



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