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About Birendra Raut

  • Passport No and Expiry Date 0000
  • Nationality NEP



  • 2015 - Present
    EOD Holding Unit, Kathmandu, Province-3, Nepal

    EOD Team Leader & Search Commander

    Responsibilities  Assessing and analyzing the threat regarding EOD/IEDD and developing the ways of mitigating the threat  Responsible for planning, conduct and assessment of IMAS Humanitarian Demining Training, BAC, EOD Level 3, Route Clearance and IEDD trainings.  Quality assurance, management and control of Demining/ IEDD teams and provides corrective action where necessary.  Daily management and supervision of operational activities, including planning, monitoring and evaluation of all mine action, IEDD and EOD activities and trainings.  Selection of EOD/IEDD teams for the MINUSMA mission Major Accomplishment  Identify and dispose various types of IEDs and munitions.  Liaised with associate organizations and agencies oriented to minimize IED threats with respect to best national practices  Supervised and monitored quality assurance of the training  Conducted C-IED,BAC & ERW hazards trainings to military personnel participating in UN missions  Trained military troops according to assess EOD/IEDD related incidents in different UN missions

  • 2014 - 2015
    UN Mission, Mali (MINUSMA), West Africa

    EOD Team Leader

    Responsibilities  Responsible for leading EOD team in disposal of IEDs, UXOs and Munitions  Preparation of PBI & UNMAS report related to the EOD/IEDD tasks  Advise company commander on the TTPs and the trend of IEDs used by terrorists and coordinate with the UNMAS for the training to mitigate the threat  Responsible for planning of EOD support embedded with convoy protection Major Accomplishment  Destruction of unsafe ammunitions (captured or found)  Successfully accomplished EOD tasks including BAC to dispose UXO and abandoned ordnance  Provided embedded EOD support to Route Clearance Party during first route clearance operation stretch from Kidal-Anefis-Aguelhok-Tessalit-Aguelhok-Anefis-Kidal  Undertaken IEDD tasks including render safe procedures to dispose and exploit reported or found improvised explosive ordnance  Carried out post-blast investigations after IED incidents  Supported search operations with embedded EOD/IEDD teams  Clearance of future campsites, helipads, airfield and boreholes from explosive ordnance  Maintained IED/EOD incidents records in standard database  Perform other tasks when authorized by higher headquarters

  • 2009 - 2014
    Kaliprasad Battalion (E), Kathmandu, Province-3, Nepal

    EOD Team Leader/Combat Engineer Platoon Leader

    Responsibilities  Responsible for leading Combat Engineers platoon in various Engineering tasks.  Planning and conducting of C-IED and IED awareness trainings to infantry personnel in Valley Division of Nepalese Army  Planning and conducting upgraded EOD/IEDD trainings in Valley Division of Nepalese Army for bomb disposal squads  Responsible for search and disposal of explosive ordnance Major Accomplishment  Planned and executed Search/EOD/IEDD trainings to Nepalese Army personnel  Acted as a focal contact person for security forces and associate organization to provide technical advice on IED threats  Carried out MRE/IED awareness classes and training to local people, security forces, I/NGOs and UN officials  Successfully accomplished task of planning, conduct and assessment of Humanitarian Demining Operation as being a Demining Field Manager conducted by Nepal Army from 2009-2011 under the supervision and observation of UNMAS.



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