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  • Nationality UK

About me

A highly competent UXO Consultant, Team Manager and operator holding
military certification equivalent to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS),
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) level 3.
Additionally, qualified as a C-IED advisor, ROV operator, Combat Engineer
supervisor, and Instructor. Responsible for managing all operational tasks
including EOD spot tasks, bulk ammunition disposal, Battle Area Clearance (BAC),
Manual Mine Clearance (MMC), route clearance and verification in various
hostile environments including Somalia, Libya, and South Sudan.

Managing teams of up to 17 personnel including, team administration, Finance,
Leave Rotations, Logistics, Quality Assurance & Quality Control and reporting for
all operational activity. And assisting in amending Standard Operating


  • 2010 - 2010
    Ministry of Defence DEMSS Kineton

    High Threat IEDD NO 2 Operators Course

  • 2009 - 2009
    Conventional Munitions Disposal Wing, Defence EOD, Munitions and Search School South

    RE and RAF Intermediate EOD

    1. Inter service responsibilities, explosive theory, protective works, area clearance, rigging, bomb lifting and recovery, introduction to IEDD. 2. Basic recognition features, safety procedures, search and disposal techniques during disposal operations for the following types of ordanace: Land Service Ammunition- Projectiles, mortars, rockets, grenades. Land mines and bobby-traps- antitank, antipersonnel Air delivery weapons- bombs, pistols, fuzes, guided weapons, area denial weapons. Biological and Chemical weapons 3. Assembly, use and maintenance of the following EOD equipment: UXO Monitor (acoustic mode only) Ordnance Locators S Set (Fuze immunization) Extractors and disruptors Intro. to abrasive cutting equipment (ACE) Self contained breathing apparatus and EPDS/RPDS Chemical detection equipment XR 300 Xray equipment ASH ordnance identification system- use and search techniques 4. Explosive Demolition and Range Training Demolition stores Demolition techniques incl. bulk explosive disposal Low order techniques Range safety procedures, rules and regulations

  • 2017 - 2017
  • 2013 - 2013
    Ministry of Defence

    Defence Instructional Course


  • 2021 - 2021
    Ukroboronservice (UOS) (Ukraine)

    IED & Search Instructor

    Duties: Responsible for planning organization and Instructing 2 iterations of Explosive Hazard Awareness Training (EHAT), Vehicle Checkpoint (VCP) and Mobility and Route Search Courses, and 1 Trainer of the Trainer (ToT) course, working on behalf of UNOPS to deliver training to Libyan Diplomatic Police. Working withing specific SOP’s and National Mine Action Authority (NMAA) guidelines. Additionally providing advice and technical development for mitigation measures and standard operating procedures. Also advising on development and implementation for both the course in general and further training schedules providing training recommendations at operational tactical and technical levels and ensuring training output was delivered effectively. Designing new lessons and Liaising with both UOS and UNMAS representatives to provide feedback on course implementation and future planning. Whilst additionally providing the safety for pyrotechnics used in practical exercises. Instructing over 40 personnel on short turnaround courses, ensuring that the highest standards were met, and that training was delivered with full understanding. Including all phases of training both theoretical and practical composing assessments and reports for each student.

  • 2020 - 2021
    G4S (South Sudan)

    Relief Team Supervisor (QRT)

    Duties: Management of multiple teams under fluid situations operating in all areas of South Sudan quickly being able to establish operational fluidity in teams conducting bulk disposal of Troop Contributing Country (TCC) ammunition for multiple battalions destroying out of service ammunition, EOD spot tasks, Route Clearance, MMC and BAC in non-permissive environments engaging with local military, civilian authorities and local community leaders, carefully negotiating COVID 19 mitigation factors to remain safely operational. • Also responsible for all team reporting on a daily and weekly and monthly basis including managing a stringent budget to maintain team operations, Internal QA and QC on all taskings as per NTSG and SOP’s. and conducting periodical refreshment training for team members, medics and CLOs as required. And ensuring all equipment and fleet of vehicles maintained operational status. • As a relief manager moving between locations at short notice maintaining the fluidity of QRT operations and often finding and fixing errors and deficiencies within teams.

  • 2018 - 2020
    Danish Church Aid (DCA) (Libiya)

    Technical Advisor

    Duties: • Working on an HMA project in Libya conducting EOD spot tasks, Non-Technical Survey IED awareness and IMAS level 1 training to DCA teams in Sirte and Benghazi areas of Libya according to DCA SOP’s also providing Quality Assurance (QA) of tasks conducted according to DCA implementation policy, additionally giving technical advice in the field on various munitions and UXO items of ERW including the safe transit of items. Under tight budget constraints and meeting donor targets. • Managing teams daily of up to 15 members ensuring that safety and security were paramount. As well as ensuring all DCA vehicles and equipment in the area of operations were in full working order. • Utilising IMSMA and MARS reporting systems, to record data and areas cleared monitoring spot task activity and keeping HQ updated through one drive, tracker, and monthly reporting. • Furthermore, offering highly proficient support to the DCA Ops manager and Country Director including amending SOP’s for DCA Libya and liaising with the DCA Security advisor to ensure operations were conducted in allowed areas due to the fluidly changing political atmosphere. Particularly when conflict began in 2019

  • 2016 - 2018
    Dynasafe Minetech Ltd. (Somalia)

    EOD & Combat Engineer Mentor

    Duties: Provided EOD and combat engineering advice on a UN contract to the AMISOM soldiers in Somalia, ensuring all personnel were taught to a high level in both EOD procedures and counter IED awareness using multiple techniques and equipment’s to achieve the aim. Also conducted was IEDD/EOD/CIED support to Combat Logistic Patrols throughout Sector 1 Somalia. Quality Management: Implementation of DML Quality Management, (QM), Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC) procedures/systems. And gave technical EOD Advice: Mentoring and tuition to AMISOM operators so that they are safe to operate within the environment and threat presented. Additionally, delivering high standard support to the operations cell of Dynasafe Minetech Limited. Authoring an ROV course and subsequently instructing that course, organising leave planners, writing assessments for in company training and offering sound advice on procurement of stores. Furthermore, being assigned to the Military Enabling Unit (MEU) in sector 1 Mogadishu to implement training and systems to ensure convoy support to all other sectors assisting in managing the fleet of vehicles, training troops in convoy drills, explosive hazard awareness, search techniques and upgrading the current vehicle park to maximise operational effectiveness. Implementing daily work routines and SOP’s set by UNMAS to assist AMISOM in using the fleet correctly, covering maintenance and accountability for usage of trip tickets first parades and managing fuel. Also authoring and implementing training and toolbox talks.

  • 2002 - 2016
    British Army (UK, Iraq, Afghanistan)

    Junior Non-Commissioned Officer



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