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About François AILLERIE

  • Passport No and Expiry Date 0000
  • Nationality FR



  • 2019 - Present
    G4S (Mali)

    TRIM (Trauma Risk Management) Practitioner

    Trained medics to perform medical care in the field

  • 2019 - Present
    Société Togolaise de Conseil & Formation (Subsidiary of EPEE) (Togo)

    Medical Trainer

     Trained medics to perform medical care in the field  Paramedic for the team of instructor  Trained soldiers to perform medical care in the field, use theirs weapons, recognizing, and navigating topography.  Trained soldiers to perform in combat environments

  • 2018 - 2018
    Blue Force for PAE – (Ouagadougou - Burkina-Faso)

    Medical Trainer

     Trained medics to perform medical care in the field  Mentoring of host instructor  Paramedic for the team

  • 2012 - 2017
    DCI - Défense Conseil International (Paris Tabuk, Saudi Arabia)

    Medical Instructor

     Instructor on the fact that has to know soldiers (Topography, Helicopter transport fight of infantry, manipulation of armament, Firing…)  Instructor of the first aid for the soldiers  Instructor and leader for a formation of Paramedic

  • 1991 - 2022
    French Army 1 er RPIMa (COS - “French special forces unit”) (Bayonne - France)

    Solder & Combat Medic

     Instructor for civilians or Soldiers to Emergency first aid & Medical response  Paramedic in a SF & tactical team  Paramedic in remote site for OPEX deployment I have gone in different countries, in Africa, Afghanistan or in center of Europe, especially in the countries which follow :  Ivory Coast : Like paramedic in charge of a Remote site detachment. Made some army trainings in first aid to the soldiers of the country. And managed some MEDEVAC by helicopter towards Abidjan.  CAR - Republic of Center Africa : As paramedic of the SF team during OPEX.  Afghanistan : Integrated like operator & paramedic of SF teams. I participated to many patrols and operations in mountains during different periods’ or seasons, based in FOB.  Gabon : Deployed as the paramedic lead of the team. In charge of Care, HSE, Occupational health or made medical care for civilians in villages around.  DRC - Democratic Republic of Congo : Paramedic for support to SF teams and participated to many operations with helicopter drop off or dispensed some medical cares in villages crossing.  Bosnia : Like paramedic with a SF team.  Madagascar: As member of the paramedical of the team in a Remote site. Participated to many first aids training for Malagasy population and offer medical supporting to the military detachment.  Juan de Nova : is one of Scattered Islands (French zone) into Mozambique Channel. Offer a paramedic support during 50 days and employed like SF Operator for the major part of the mission. I was able to make some cares like stitches, put drips and provided medical care for the detachment.  The Comoros : As paramedic of the team.  Niger: As operator paramedic of the SF team. We made many lasting days patrols in the desert, like the celebrate LRDG.



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