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South Africa


  • Education/Schooling Certificate
  • Gender Male
  • Age 44
  • ID Photo ( size 250x250 )
  • ID Number CM78041100DLUJ
  • Passport No and Expiry Date A00267531 Expiry date: 18/08/2030
  • Nationality Ugandan
  • Alternative Contact Number +256781167525

About me

I am a highly motivated, dynamic and organised EDD Handler who possess a wealth of experience, with an excellent understanding of canine operations and understands what’s expected of him.

I am a team player who has successfully managed dog teams, ensuring training standards were being met in accordance to company SOPs, producing concise written weekly and monthly reports and am willing to take up new challenges within the scope of my skills & experience acquired with in the past 12 years I’ve worked in the security industry.



  • 2020 - Present
    GardaWorld Security Services Middle East & Africa, - Gazprom NEFT Badra Oil Field, Wasit Province, Iraq

    EDD Handler

    Duties:  Conducting Vehicle & Luggage searching at check points  Searching suspicious open areas in & around the camp such as buildings, wall fence etc.  Conducting Daily, Weekly, and monthly trainings with my K9 dogs  Cleaning the Kennels & my dogs (K9s)  Administering vaccinations to my K9s

  • 2017 - 2020
    Olive Group (a Constellis Company), Canadian Embassy, Kabul - Afghanistan

    EDD Handler

     I was responsible for the continuous EDD training on site and the daily care of the dogs to ensure operations remain at a consistently high level.  Ensured that all searches and procedures are carried out in line with Olive’s SOPs.  Administered vaccinations  Conducted daily vehicles, luggage/baggage, open area and building searches in accordance with site security procedures.  Provided positive and professional client liaison and ensuring all incidents are reported in a timely matter and any issues raised are passed on to my Immediate superior.

  • 2016 - 2017
    GardaWorld Security Services, Middle East & Africa – Canadian Embassy, Kabul - Afghanistan

    EDD Handler

    Duties:  Searching Vehicles Building Search and Open Area Searches  Canadian Embassy Kabul Afghanistan conducts vehicle searches and open area, etc.  Dog handling (Searching Vehicles Building Search and Open Area Searches Canadian Embassy Kabul Afghanistan conduct vehicle searches and open area, etc)

  • 2014 - 2016
    Sabre International Security – Canadian Embassy, Kabul - Afghanistan

    K9 Handler

    Duties: • Conducted vehicles searches, • Kenneling my EDDs • Also did open area and luggage searches etc.

  • 2013 - 2013
    American detection service (AMK9) – Military Base, Kandahar Afghanistan

    K9 Handler

    In support of security operations at Kandahar Military base, my main duties included. • searching aircraft, building, vehicle, baggage, and ammunition searches. • ensuring kennels were up to US military standards, arranging vet appointments through my immediate superior for immunisations and routine checks. • placed dog food orders and drafted concise weekly and monthly reports to the Project Manager.

  • 2009 - 2010
    Sabre International Security – US Military (COB Basra), Basra, Iraq

    K9 Handler

    Duties: • Searching vehicles at ECPs • other duties, vehicles and baggage searches as well as patrolling the perimeter of the US military base.

  • 2000 - 2004
    Nkuutu Memorial Secondary School – Iganga, Uganda

    Storekeeper / Stock Controller

    Duties: • Maintained receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroom, received, unloaded scholastic materials and ensured adequate record keeping and manage all documentations to confirm proper stock levels and maintained inventory control etc.



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