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About M. Aristide ONITCHANGO

  • Education/Schooling Degree Bachelor
  • Gender Male
  • Age 35
  • ID Number 22PP26100
  • Passport No and Expiry Date 02-06-2028
  • Nationality Beninese
  • Alternative Contact Number 00229 61774586



  • 2022 - Present
    Mines Advisory Group MAG

    Field Technical Coordinator WAM

  • 2018 - 2021
    Handicap International/Tchad

    Technical Field Manager (Mines Action/WAM)

    - Ensure that the recruitment of deminers takes place in accordance with the organization's standard operating procedures, NTSG and IMAS; - Deliver specific training to MAG and HI staff emphasizing the threat of booby traps, the method of operation and safety precautions; - Support to the head of operations for the conduct of reconnaissance in the field in order to collect reliable information on dangerous areas; - Carry out assessments and other technical missions on behalf of HI in the country as needed; - Prepare and supervise the accreditation session organized by the mine action authority; - Supervise manual clearance, EOD ad hoc tasks, clearance of combat areas, mechanical clearance with the GCS machine; - Maintain a good professional relationship with the non-technical investigation and risk education team; - Conduct an emergency procedure in the event of a controlled or uncontrolled mine/ERW explosion; - Continuously conduct risk assessment operations to ensure that the safety of operations is maximized. - Perform reconnaissance and study of areas contaminated by mines/ammunition as instructed by the Chief of Operations; - Advise and assist the Head of Operations in the implementation of new systems and procedures aimed at maximizing productivity and safety. - Replace the Head of Operations if necessary, including assuming responsibility for operational management. - Regularly perform internal quality assurance and control checks for manual demining, EOD tasks, marking system, mechanics, medicine, BAC, training, explosives storage. - Use new technologies supported by drones to map suspected dangerous areas, to identify rows of mines with an infrared system and thermal camera; - Internal review and approval of Handicap International's standard operating procedures. Ensure that POPs comply with national standards and IMAS; - Perform continuous team visits for QA/QC and take corrective action if necessary; - Ensure that the teams carry out the operations in accordance with the implementation plan approved by the national mine action authorities; - Organize ERW and mine destruction operations according to the organization's operational procedures (more than 50 tons of ammunition destroyed); - Maintain and archive all relevant quality management activities and documentation, records; - Develop and ensure that all quality management reports are recorded in the internal database of HI IMSMA. - Management of a team of forty (40) people with a fleet of 15 vehicles made up of pick-ups. - Monitoring of vehicle maintenance and upkeep. - Monitoring of the productivity potential of the vehicle fleet. - Update of vehicle documents (insurance, gray card, mileage records). - Vehicle fuel and consumption management. - Management of fuel stocks (especially diesel). - Management of demining equipment.

  • 2017 - 2017
    Handicap International/Niger

    Field Technical Advisor (mine action/WAM)

    - Prepare training documentation and participation criteria; - Collect reliable information on the needs of the country. This makes it possible to adjust the courses according to the realities on the ground; - Revise and disseminate standard operating procedures focused on risk education and EOD tasks; - Organization and technical supervision to the Nigerien army for training in the SALW marking system; - Training on the management of the physical security of ammunition and SALW stores according to IATG and MOSAIC standards; - Prepare reports, ToRs, schedules and end-of-training reports, - Technical monitoring according to IATG and MOSAIC standards of the construction of ammunition and weapons stores; - Regularly supervise the manufacture and fixing of racks in weapons stores according to MOSAIC standards; - Implementation of an emergency procedure in the event of a controlled and uncontrolled explosion of REG; - Continuously conduct risk assessment operations to ensure that the safety of operations is maximized. - Regularly supervise the refresher training of the personnel of the defense and security forces; - Regularly conduct quality assurance operations for manual clearance, EOD tasks, marking system, mechanical, medical, BAC, training, explosives storage and route evaluation.

  • 2010 - 2017
    Armed Forces of Benin (CPADD)

    Military Officer (Instructor/Trainer at CPADD)

    - Instructor for several training sessions at the national school of NCOs in Ouidah; - Head of WAM level 1 and 2 training with 22 trainees from West and Central Africa; - Several implementation managers for isolated and furnace destruction sessions on the destruction polygon of Minantinkpon and Dan (national destruction polygon); - Responsible for WAM level 1 training for 15 Malian soldiers. - Instructor for the ammunition storekeeper organized by UNMAS (38 soldiers from all African countries); - Deputy head of EOD level 1 training organized by UNMAS (18 Malian soldiers); - Technical training based on logistics transport in Western Sahara (Morocco); - Brigade commander for the training of CFISO non-commissioned officers, 30 Beninese soldiers. - Inter-force refresher training for the CPIF platoon leader.



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