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About Ronald Richard Opolot

  • Gender Male
  • ID Photo ( size 250x250 )
  • ID Number A00011359
  • Passport No and Expiry Date A00011359 EXPIRY - 20th January 2029
  • Nationality Uganda

About me

Explosive Detection
Dog Handler! With over 7 years of experience preventing the introduction of explosive devices in and
around secure locations, my ability to identify a variety of explosives and materials, streamline dog
training programs to ensure effectiveness and eradicate negative behaviors, certify the physical fitness
of K-9 partners and effectively manage team members, would be an asset to the team and I would love
to discuss this opportunity further!

Throughout my career, I strategically neutralized threats of explosives-based attacks in
collaboration with EDD teams, executed canine care protocols timely to avert the spread of disease and
decrease the duration of sicknesses, prioritized the attainment of contractual requirements while
maintaining K-9 training records, and devised team training and development initiatives to certify field

Furthermore, my love for canines, passion for protecting and serving the public, and
dedication to continuous improvement would benefit operations at DAG, if I were given an opportunity.



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Enthusiastic, excellent communication skills.

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